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Brain Injury

What drivers need to know about traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injury is one of the most common types of injuries from car accidents in New York. You should know what the symptoms are and why it's so important to promptly seek medical treatment for a traumatic brain injury. What is a traumatic brain injury? A TBI...

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Researchers aim to help victims of brain injury

New York residents are gearing up for the winter months. For people with sensory issues, like persons who have suffered a serious brain injury, things may be extra difficult. Victims who struggle with balance, a common problem following a brain injury, may have a...

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A brain injury caused by a crash could be life-changing

Victims of car accidents in upstate New York may suffer the consequences for many years. This is more likely for anyone who suffered a brain injury. Therapy and medical treatment could continue for extended periods, and mounting medical bills may become overwhelming....

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Even a mild brain injury can have long-term consequences

Any bump, jolt or penetration wound to the head can have lifelong consequences. Whether a traumatic brain injury is severe or mild, the impact on the victim's life could be significant. If another party's negligence caused brain trauma, the victim might have grounds...

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