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January 2020 Archives

Wrongful death claim might follow fatal single-vehicle crash

The New York State Police reported the death of a teenager on a recent Friday evening. The accident happened in the Town of Erin at approximately 8:30 p.m. A preliminary crash report indicates that the 17-year-old girl was one of five occupants of a car that crashed when it left the road. A wrongful death claim may follow the tragic single-car accident.

Medical malpractice: TV chat show producers sued by guest

"The Doctors" is a TV chat show during which a panel of medical professionals and an audience interact to discuss topics related to health and illness. The show's producers are facing a negligence lawsuit after arranging for a plastic surgeon with several medical malpractice claims against him to perform surgery on a guest of the show. New York residents might know Jenelle Butler as an influencer with many social media followers, a successful fitness business, corporate partnerships and an established clothing line.

3 often-forgotten things that could be added to wills

Estate planning is something that many people in New York and elsewhere push to the back burner. However, even those who have their wills in place might have addressed property, money and children, but overlooked some things that could be included in their wills. Pet guardianship, digital assets and charitable contributions are all important concerns that can be addressed in a last will and testament. 

Car accidents: 2 back seat passengers die when car strikes tree

Troopers in upstate New York say the investigation into the cause of a fatal crash that killed two teenagers is ongoing. Losing teenagers in car accidents is especially traumatic. Reportedly this accident occurred on Route 18 in Jefferson County shortly after midnight on a recent Tuesday.

How will the Secure Act affect wills and trusts?

The Secure Act was signed into law on Dec. 20. It offers expanded rules and incentives that aim to benefit part-time employees, and it will enable the owners of small firms easier ways to provide retirement plans to workers. The signing of this Act also affects the way people in New York and across the country deal with wills, trusts and other estate planning concerns.

Preventing premises liability can start with the architect

The aim of each New York architect should be to design and plan safe buildings. While premises liability might be the last thing on an architect's mind, he or she, along with any other parties associated with the construction project, could face claims for monetary damages by anyone who suffers serious injuries in a building. Any architect who wants to maintain a good reputation and integrity while also protecting everybody who will enter the building will consider all the known potential hazards in the design of the structure.

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