Recovery from crash-related brain injuries could take a long time

Recovery from crash-related brain injuries could take a long time

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Brain Injury

Head trauma can have long-term consequences, regardless of whether the skull is penetrated. Victims of accidents in upstate New York that caused brain injuries might have to adjust to a changed lifestyle. Depending on the severity of the injuries, both physical and physiologic damage could require extended periods of therapy and medical care, all of which could cause financial hardship.

Brain injuries are unique to each victim, depending on the location of damage to the brain. Moderate to severe damage could cause cognitive problems like impaired concentration, attention and memory. Patients could also experience slowed processing of language and impulses; their language and speech abilities could be affected. They may struggle to understand what people say, and their speech might be slurred, making it difficult for others to understand them.

Furthermore, interpretation of movement, temperature, touch and discrimination might be affected. Brain injuries can also cause involuntary eye movements resulting from damaged eye muscles, and they could even cause partial or total loss of vision. When head trauma causes the manifestation of hearing loss or damage, coordination and the sense of balance could be affected. It could also disrupt motor movements and consciousness when seizures occur.

Accident-related brain injuries could cause bleeding and swelling in the confined space of the skull. When that happens, surgical intervention might be required to reduce the pressure. Extended hospital stays for treatment, and observation might be followed by therapy and rehabilitation. Coping with medical costs and lost wages could cause additional anxiety. Victims whose brain injuries were caused by another party’s negligence might have grounds to pursue financial relief through the New York civil justice system.