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Month: December 2016

When holiday festivities result in premises liability

Many people in New York have been enjoying various social gatherings, shopping trips and other special events during the 2016 holiday season. For some, the delight of such festivities has been cut short when accidents have occurred that resulted in injuries. Whether a...

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Steering clear of car accidents caused by holiday road rage

Although one might think the holiday season is a time for extra kindness, good cheer and generosity, that is not always the reality of the situation. Especially when it come to navigating busy New York highways, drivers must be very cautious as there is typically an...

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One of several car accidents in New York ends in disaster

It's no secret that New York highways are busy thoroughfares often cluttered with fast-moving traffic. Chances of car accidents occurring obviously increase the more cars there are on the highway. A recent series of collisions had disastrous results for several of...

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