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Month: August 2020

Smart phone distractions continue to cause car accidents

Despite the awareness campaigns and law enforcement efforts in upstate New York, distracted driving continues to claim lives. Although other distractions cause problems, texting, taking or making calls and even answering emails cause many preventable car accidents....

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Trusts have benefits, but wills are also important

Estate planning is often a daunting prospect for people in New York and other states. Knowing when and how to establish trusts -- and making sure wills meet the legal requirements -- could be daunting. A will is a document to ensure the testator's wishes are carried...

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Fatal motorcycle crash may lead to wrongful death claims

As many New York residents know, a motorcycle can be a fun and easy way to travel, whether for practical purposes or for leisure. Unfortunately, though, accidents involving motorcycles and larger vehicles, such as cars and trucks, are not uncommon, and in most...

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