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Month: June 2020

Wrongful death: Most accidents are preventable

Even with all the safety features of cars, accidents continue to cause catastrophic and even fatal injuries. Motorists in upstate New York are always at risk of crossing the paths of reckless and negligent drivers, meetings that often result in accidents that lead to...

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Car accidents: Pickup truck driver dies in 3-vehicle crash

Deputies in upstate New York responded to a report about a multi-vehicle crash on a recent Thursday. Severe or fatal injuries are often the result of car accidents that involve several vehicles. Reportedly, the collision occurred shortly after noon in the Town of...

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Even a mild brain injury can have long-term consequences

Any bump, jolt or penetration wound to the head can have lifelong consequences. Whether a traumatic brain injury is severe or mild, the impact on the victim's life could be significant. If another party's negligence caused brain trauma, the victim might have grounds...

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Premises liability claim filed after child falls 3 stories

The parents of a child who fell through a window on the third story of an apartment block in another state are seeking $50,000 in damages. In New York and other states, owners of apartment complexes must ensure the safety of tenants and comply with state and federal...

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