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October 2020 Archives

New York car accidents: Man injured in head-on crash

A vehicle may suddenly cross over into oncoming traffic for a variety of reasons: driver distraction, fatigue, impairment or even mechanical failure. Sometimes, such incidents result from circumstances out of a driver's control, but often, the human behind the wheel holds the responsibility. In any case, car accidents involving a head-on collision typically do not end well, as was the case in a recent New York crash that left a man with a head injury.

Wills and trusts can be established upon reaching legal adulthood

People nationwide, including New York, may think that estate planning need not be considered until they are middle-aged. However, the best time to draft wills, trusts and other documents is as soon as they are legally regarded as adults after turning 18. Estate planning is not only for people with significant assets. Having a job and a vehicle might only be the start, with marriage, children and buying a home in the foreseeable future. Life is unpredictable, and having estate plans in place can provide peace of mind.

National initiative to reduce pedestrian vs. car accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sponsors the National Pedestrian Safety Month during October. However, the New York Department of Transportation and other agencies are already collaborating on a commitment to improving pedestrian safety and reduce car accidents. Their focus is on Long Island and upstate New York, and the plan was initiated in 2016 with the expectation that it will remain a focus through 2021.

Recovery from crash-related brain injuries could take a long time

Head trauma can have long-term consequences, regardless of whether the skull is penetrated. Victims of accidents in upstate New York that caused brain injuries might have to adjust to a changed lifestyle. Depending on the severity of the injuries, both physical and physiologic damage could require extended periods of therapy and medical care, all of which could cause financial hardship.

New York state police investigating accident that injured trooper

A news release reported a recent crash that caused serious injuries to an upstate New York state trooper. The car accident occurred on a recent Saturday morning shortly before 5:45 a.m. The injured trooper is a state police veteran of 18 years. She was in her stationary patrol car when another vehicle smashed into it.

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