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Month: April 2020

Medical malpractice is among top 3 primary causes of death

The number of wrongful death lawsuits filed in New York and other states each year is reported to be significantly less than the number of medical errors that occur. Estimated numbers of deaths nationwide due to medical negligence or errors exceed 250,000, but the...

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DIY wills and trusts may not be the best option

Sometimes, in certain circumstances, people in New York who have not engaged in estate planning choose to go with low-cost do-it-yourself options. Digital estate plans are easily accessible and promise to save attorney's fees. However, none of those digital wills...

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Who may file a wrongful death claim?

Driving is the most dangerous mode of transportation nationwide, including in New York. Despite all the awareness campaigns to underscore the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, texting while driving and other risky behaviors, thousands of...

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Estate planning requires review of wills and trusts

Many people in New York do not realize the importance of reviewing estate planning documents occasionally. Once wills and trusts are established, reviewing them can ensure that life's changes are reflected in these documents. Advisers say all important legal documents...

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