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Month: December 2018

Patient vigilance might prevent medical malpractice

Although there are conflicting reports about the number of deaths resulting from medical errors each year, authorities agree that only heart disease and cancer claim more lives in New York and other states on an annual basis. To avoid being a victim of medical...

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Even if they appear legal, wills might be unenforceable

Many New York residents have carefully planned estate plans that might not be as legal as they appear. The language used in wills might render them legally unenforceable. Advisers say there are specific practicalities and rules to follow to avoid carefully crafted...

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Understanding the challenges posed by a brain injury

Some car accident victims in New York suffer injuries that are not obvious for all to see, often making it more challenging for the victims. People might understand the trauma when they look at someone struggling to move about with a leg in a cast, but they might have...

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Premises liability: What to do if the elevator stalls

Being trapped in an elevator is the worst nightmare of many people in New York. When it comes to safe transport, elevators are said to be one of the most reliable. However, they do get stuck, and nobody is ever prepared for such a situation. Property owners of...

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