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Wrongful Death

Unregulated restraining device may cause wrongful death

New York residents would be hard-pressed to avoid recent news stories regarding people that have suffered injury or death while in direct contact with law enforcement officials. The topic can be controversial, and in many states, people are taking legal action on...

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Fatal motorcycle crash may lead to wrongful death claims

As many New York residents know, a motorcycle can be a fun and easy way to travel, whether for practical purposes or for leisure. Unfortunately, though, accidents involving motorcycles and larger vehicles, such as cars and trucks, are not uncommon, and in most...

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Wrongful death claims might follow 2-vehicle crash

Another deadly car accident occurred along the same road in New York state that also claimed the life of a man on Christmas Day. The latest wreck killed two people and sent three severely injured women to a hospital on a recent Friday. The crash investigation is...

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Wrongful death: Most accidents are preventable

Even with all the safety features of cars, accidents continue to cause catastrophic and even fatal injuries. Motorists in upstate New York are always at risk of crossing the paths of reckless and negligent drivers, meetings that often result in accidents that lead to...

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Who may file a wrongful death claim?

Driving is the most dangerous mode of transportation nationwide, including in New York. Despite all the awareness campaigns to underscore the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, texting while driving and other risky behaviors, thousands of...

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Wrongful death claims often follow fatal car accidents

Two people lost their lives after suffering fatal injuries in an upstate New York crash on a recent Friday. Such circumstances often lead to wrongful death lawsuits in which negligence must be proved. In this case, the ongoing investigation might determine which...

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