Researchers aim to help victims of brain injury

Researchers aim to help victims of brain injury

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2020 | Brain Injury

New York residents are gearing up for the winter months. For people with sensory issues, like persons who have suffered a serious brain injury, things may be extra difficult. Victims who struggle with balance, a common problem following a brain injury, may have a particularly difficult time navigating in longer periods of darkness, slick surfaces, and even holiday lights and loud music. 

Despite the commonality of balance issues following a brain injury, experts say very little research has been done to develop new therapeutic treatments that might help a victim regain some of their sensory control. A group of researchers gathered a group comprised of volunteers with and without a brain injury. They began by having the participants simply stand upright, and measured how much each person’s body swayed with sensors. 

The participants were then given a series of tasks with an increasing level of difficulty, from walking a few steps to eventually walking several meters. Body sensors collected data throughout. The researchers hope to analyze this data to establish thresholds, which can be used to eventually develop new treatments and exercises to help victims of brain injury eventually regain some of their balance. 

The physical and mental troubles that a victim often experiences after a brain injury may feel overwhelming. Medical bills, loss of wages due to inability to work, home modifications, transportation issues and other expenses can be an enormous burden. If a brain injury was caused by the actions of another party, a New York victim may want to consider legal recourse. Fortunately, a compassionate attorney can help a victim through each step of the legal process and work toward a favorable verdict that can result in compensation to improve a victim’s quality of life.

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