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Month: December 2022

What are the do’s and don’ts of personal injury claims?

Residents of New York who suffer personal injuries in accidents caused by negligence or recklessness have the right to file lawsuits to hold the at-fault party liable. However, it’s important to do things correctly because it might affect the outcome. These are the...

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The responsibilities of a probate and estate administrator

In the state of New York, an estate administrator is responsible for managing the assets and affairs of a deceased person. If a person dies without a will, or if they does not name an executor, the court will appoint an administrator to oversee the probate and estate...

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When to revise your estate plan

Estate planning serves many purposes, the most well-known being the ability to leave assets to named beneficiaries in a New York will or transfer-on-death account. Estate plans could include documents that handle other matters, including power of attorney forms and...

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How to leave your house to your loved ones in New York

Real estate is one of the most valuable assets in New York, with a proven track record of appreciation over time. However, your property is more than just an asset; it is a home for your family with invaluable memories and sentimental value. Having a well-thought...

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Serious car crash injuries victims suffer

Car crashes can be devastating, leading to serious injuries and even death. Common car crash injuries in New York include broken bones, head and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, and internal organ damage. In some cases, these injuries can be life-threatening and...

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Planning charitable donations for tax benefits

Planned giving is an opportunity for people to make charitable donations in the future. Significant tax savings occur after the filing of annual tax returns. Many New York residents are becoming aware of the numerous benefits and options that they have for giving to...

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Estate planning simplified

Approaching estate planning can be daunting as it involves thinking about one's life and death. For most New Jersey adults, though, the process can be broken down into a few straightforward steps. Some of the most important things are to establish guardianship,...

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