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Month: September 2020

Distractions and speed cause most fatal car accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the daily average of fatal crashes nationwide, including upstate New York, is 90 people. This is based on 2014 data when more than 32,600 people lost their lives in car accidents. Those numbers included single...

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Car accident: Hit-and-run driver strikes 2 teenagers

An Upstate New York community was shocked by the events that caused the death of one high school student, and critical injuries to another teenager on a recent Saturday. Reportedly, the two were struck by a pickup truck on State Route 176. A police report...

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Unregulated restraining device may cause wrongful death

New York residents would be hard-pressed to avoid recent news stories regarding people that have suffered injury or death while in direct contact with law enforcement officials. The topic can be controversial, and in many states, people are taking legal action on...

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Wills: Different people can be named as guardians

When parents in upstate New York do estate planning, they might have questions about nominating guardians. Suppose someone who is the ideal person to be the guardian of a child is not good at managing finances. Likewise, the best choice for an estate guardian might...

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Car accidents: Rear-end crash kills 2 children

Lives lost in preventable crashes are understandably traumatic experiences for the surviving family members. However, when children are killed in car accidents, it is usually even worse. On a recent Thursday, two children died after a pickup truck smashed into...

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Man files medical malpractice suit after allergic reaction

A man in another state recently claimed that a radiologist caused him to suffer a life-changing allergic reaction. He is thus seeking monetary compensation for the injuries he suffered as a result of the alleged medical malpractice accident. Likewise, patients in...

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