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Month: February 2020

Wrongful death claims often follow fatal car accidents

Two people lost their lives after suffering fatal injuries in an upstate New York crash on a recent Friday. Such circumstances often lead to wrongful death lawsuits in which negligence must be proved. In this case, the ongoing investigation might determine which...

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5-year-old’s injuries lead to medical malpractice claim

Health care providers in New York and across the country have rules by which they care and treat patients, known as the standard of care. Claims of medical malpractice or negligence are typically based upon al alleged breach of that standard. If a substandard level of...

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Wills and trusts to provide for a special needs child

According to financial advisers, the sooner parents in New York and elsewhere learn about the special needs of their child, the sooner they can start planning to ensure the child's financial future is protected. Too many parents think this matter can be addressed in...

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