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December 2019 Archives

Car accidents: 1 dead, 3 critically injured in upstate New York

A tragedy on Christmas morning claimed the life of a 24-year-old passenger of a car and sent three others to the hospital. They were all occupants of a sedan that was involved in a single-vehicle crash in upstate New York. As with many other such car accidents, police have not released details about the cause of the crash while the investigation was ongoing.

Wills include more than asset distribution after death

Too many people in New York are unprepared for what the future might have in store for them. Estate planning is not only for older people and those with significant wealth. Others, like single parents, newly enlisted soldiers and anyone who is working and earning money have excellent reasons for drafting wills and other documents. It can ensure that their wishes are clear, even when they can no longer express them.

Premises liability claim follows fire escape collapse

A Binghamton news anchor claims had a near-death experience in the village of Johnson City in mid-September. After an extended period of recuperation, he has now filed a premises liability lawsuit against the Town of Union in upstate New York. The incident involved the collapse of a section of a fire escape.

Wrongful death: Most NYC fatal crashes involve male drivers

Residents in Broome County might find accident statistics interesting that show men in SUVs and pickup trucks cause most New York City crash fatalities. The city's transportation commissioner announced the imminent launch of an ad campaign that will target those drivers and appeal to their conscience with billboards that will ask whether it was worth it. Many of these accidents lead to wrongful death claims in the New York civil courts.

Contesting wills without legal help a risky prospect

It is not uncommon for people to feel they were unfairly treated in a loved one's will. Although New York state laws allow people to contest wills, it is a complicated legal process that requires much more than not liking the terms of a will. Proving a will to be invalid could be a costly and time-consuming process, typically not tackled without legal counsel. While state laws differ, four fundamental reasons could lead to a will being declared invalid.

40 car accidents reported in major winter weather event

Major weather events in Broome County and throughout New York threaten the lives of everyone out on the roads, regardless of how experienced the drivers are. For that reason, safety authorities remind drivers each year of the hazards posed by rain, snow and black ice on the roadways. These conditions led to almost 40 car accidents in in the county on a recent Friday morning during the extreme adverse weather.

Premises liability: Helicopter rescue leads to negligence claim

Cities in the state of New York and across the country could face civil lawsuits if they are accused of negligence. Premises liability claims typically involve pedestrians injured in slip-and-fall accidents due to damaged sidewalks and pavements, most frequently during the winter, when snow and ice pose hazards. From time to time, cities are held responsible for unusual occurrences, such as the case of an insane June helicopter rescue in another state.

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