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Charitable Giving

Planning charitable donations for tax benefits

Planned giving is an opportunity for people to make charitable donations in the future. Significant tax savings occur after the filing of annual tax returns. Many New York residents are becoming aware of the numerous benefits and options that they have for giving to...

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Charitable giving as part of a larger estate plan

For many in New York, charitable giving plays a significant role in wealth disposition after death. A firm grasp of all of the different ways in which philanthropic bequests can offer tax benefits while also helping others can help people feel comfortable with their...

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Proving charitable donations

Various legal ways exist to reduce tax burdens. One common way New York residents could reduce money owed to the Internal Revenue Service involves making legal charitable donations. The statutes that establish charitable giving as an acceptable tax avoidance may...

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What you should know about a charitable lead trust

A charitable lead trust (CLT) is a type of trust that is commonly used for charitable giving and tax planning purposes. A New York donor creates a CLT by transferring property to a trustee for the benefit of a charity. How a CLT works A charitable lead trust sets up a...

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Taxes, Charities, and IRAs

Donating to a charity is a good way to support a cause, and it also provides tax benefits. It is possible for people who live in New York to donate to charity directly out of a traditional IRA, avoiding taxes for both the donor and the charitable foundation or...

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Benefits and drawbacks of donor-advised funds

As you begin your estate planning in New York, you may wonder if donor-advised funds are the way to go. These funds allow you to give valuables to an Internal Revenue Service-recognized charity that you support. Organizations, individuals and families can create these...

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Charitable giving and what you can donate

Each year, people from all walks of life give back by donating to various charities. If you plan on donating money in New York, there's a certain set of guidelines to follow. Here's more information about tax rules and what you can donate. What can you donate to...

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Making the most of tax-deductible contributions

Many people in New York make a point of donating to charity each year. There is a wide range of tax-exempt organizations in the United States, whether they engage in educational and cultural programs, support charitable deeds or promote religious activity. However,...

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