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Month: June 2022

Learning about nuncupative will in New York

A will is a key estate planning document that helps you dictate how you want your assets distributed to your heirs in the event of your death. Without it, your loved ones will have to go through probate, which takes time, money and can lead to family conflict. They...

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The most accident prone types of vehicles

Speeding and distracted driving are widely known to contribute to most fatal car crashes. In New York, an accident-prone vehicle is also determined by the type of manufacturer and model. Types of vehicles The type, make and model of the vehicle determines how safe it...

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How to stay safe and avoid boating accidents this summer

Summers in New York are often filled with plenty of fun trips to the water. If you enjoy boating, it’s important to stay safe and avoid these common injuries. What can cause boating accidents? Boating accidents can occur for many reasons. A person might be...

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Probate workarounds for your estate

A death in the family can be upsetting and stressful without the problem of probate. Unless the deceased person has taken some precautions through probate workarounds, their estate can be taken to probate. A will is not enough protection against the probate process,...

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Taking time to reduce your tax liability can be beneficial

Eliminating the amount of taxes that you pay in New York can be advantageous to your bottom line. Understanding how to decrease your tax liability begins by knowing the deductions and tax credits you can take. Increasing retirement contributions One way to minimize...

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5 ways to maximize your tax cuts through donations

Are you a New York resident who is looking for ways to reduce your taxable income this year? If so, you may want to consider making charitable donations. These donations can help you maximize your tax deductions and lower your tax bill when done correctly. Here's a...

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