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Tax Planning

Planning charitable donations for tax benefits

Planned giving is an opportunity for people to make charitable donations in the future. Significant tax savings occur after the filing of annual tax returns. Many New York residents are becoming aware of the numerous benefits and options that they have for giving to...

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Maximize deductions to reduce your tax bill

If you're like most people in New York, you're always looking for ways to bring down your tax bill, and you can maximize your tax deductions to cut down on how much you end up paying every year. Planning your taxes and the things that you do throughout the year can...

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Smart tax planning tips and strategies

There's an old saying that two things in life are unavoidable: death and taxes. While neither are events most New Yorkers look forward to, a little planning goes a long way when it comes to taxes. Unfortunately, tax laws seem to change quite often. Rarely do these...

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Understanding taxes taken out of paychecks in New York

When you get your first job, your employer will withhold a certain amount from your paycheck and pay it to the federal government on your behalf. Then, in April, you will file a tax return allowing you to get some of that money back possibly. But if you did not have...

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Benefits and drawbacks of donor-advised funds

As you begin your estate planning in New York, you may wonder if donor-advised funds are the way to go. These funds allow you to give valuables to an Internal Revenue Service-recognized charity that you support. Organizations, individuals and families can create these...

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Tax planning tips for New Yorkers

Tax planning in New York isn't just for the rich. Regardless of your socioeconomic status, there are ways for you to save on your taxes. While you save on your taxes, you could begin investing to improve your socioeconomic status. Max out your 401(k) The more you...

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Safe Tax Planning For High-Net-Worth Filers

For high-net-worth individuals in New York who are preparing to file their taxes, trying to minimize the tax burden without running the risk of an audit or other bad outcome. There are a lot of strategies that they can employ to meet these goals. Tax planning Many of...

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Taking time to reduce your tax liability can be beneficial

Eliminating the amount of taxes that you pay in New York can be advantageous to your bottom line. Understanding how to decrease your tax liability begins by knowing the deductions and tax credits you can take. Increasing retirement contributions One way to minimize...

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6 ways to cut tax obligations

Paying taxes may be unavoidable when someone earns a sufficient amount of income. The federal tax code does allow for legal ways to reduce obligations. New York taxpayers could explore such legal avenues to save money when filing their returns with the IRS. Common...

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