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How can legal counsel help with a wrongful death lawsuit?

When any New York family loses a loved one in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another party, they will likely not only suffer an emotional loss, but they could also face financial instability. They might have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party. However, the legal process is a challenging one, and establishing negligence and building a strong case might be best done with the help of a skillful and reputable attorney.

Trusts can be used to ensure pet care after the owner's death

The primary concern for New York people who have estate plans in place is likely their loved ones and family members. Some draft only wills, others create trusts. One part of the family that many people forget to include in their plans is their pets, even though they are usually considered members of their families. It can be a mistake to assume that surviving family members will take care of beloved pets after the owner's death.

Doctors can identify hidden injuries caused by car accidents

Personal injuries suffered in automobile crashes form a significant portion of all civil lawsuits filed in New York. However, many people feel fortunate to have been spared serious injuries when they see no visible broken bones or gushing blood in car accidents -- not realizing that hidden symptoms of both personal and emotional injuries may become evident later. For this reason, a medical evaluation after any collision is essential.

Who can expect to receive copies of wills when loved ones die?

In many ways, real life is entirely removed from what we see on TV and in the movies. For instance, the dramatized reading of wills in the movies is purely done to create drama because no law says a will must be read with all beneficiaries present. Upon the death of a New York resident, the estate attorney must determine whom to provide with copies of the will.

Pit bull attack leads to premises liability lawsuit

While many of the dogs New York homeowners keep do not pose any threat to others, certain dog breeds are known to be dangerous. Owners of those breeds are expected to take extra care to protect visitors to their homes from being bitten by their dogs. Unfortunately, this duty of care is often neglected, and a premises liability lawsuit that was recently filed in another state underscores this danger.

Can money-back guarantees end surgical medical malpractice?

Patients who leave New York hospitals after surgical procedures should not have to cope with complications. A program called the Dr. Robert Bree Collaborative was established with the aim to get participating hospitals to guarantee their procedures and offer money-back warranties rather than facing medical malpractice lawsuits. A patient who had her fair share of failed surgeries is working with the group to advocate for such a system.

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