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July 2020 Archives

Parents file medical malpractice suit after twin dies

New Yorkers surely have empathy for the parents in another state who lost one of their 2-year-old twin girls. The family recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against The Johns Hopkins Hospital, where the twins were born prematurely in Aug. 2016. The mother of the twins worked at Hopkins' labor and delivery unit at the time of their birth. Her employer carries her medical insurance, and this may complicate the issue.

Wrongful death claims might follow 2-vehicle crash

Another deadly car accident occurred along the same road in New York state that also claimed the life of a man on Christmas Day. The latest wreck killed two people and sent three severely injured women to a hospital on a recent Friday. The crash investigation is ongoing, and officers noted that alcohol was not suspected of playing a role, but toxicology test results remain pending. Wrongful death claims may follow.

A brain injury caused by a crash could be life-changing

Victims of car accidents in upstate New York may suffer the consequences for many years. This is more likely for anyone who suffered a brain injury. Therapy and medical treatment could continue for extended periods, and mounting medical bills may become overwhelming. Brain trauma could even occur without a penetration wound.

Slip and falls give rise to complicated premises liability suits

Slip-and-fall accidents can leave the victim with a whole lot more than embarrassment. In fact, they could cause injuries with long-term consequences. The New York civil justice system allows people to pursue financial relief, even if the victim is partly to blame. Many premises liability lawsuits involve injuries resulting from slip or trip-and-fall incidents.

The benefits of wills and trusts in estate planning

Many people in upstate New York may not understand that estate planning has various benefits while the testator is still alive. Although wills, which form a part of estate planning, ensure that the deceased person's wishes are honored, other aspects of the planning could deal with living plans. Careful planning can help an individual to accomplish several tasks. Including a revocable living trust or a will in estate planning allows a person to determine to whom he or she would like to pass property and assets upon his or her death.

Car accidents: Head-on crash claims 5 lives

Lives are at stake each day on the roads in upstate New York and across the country. Car accidents often cause severe injuries, and too often, lives are lost. The dangers were underscored by a head-on crash that claimed five lives on a recent Sunday evening. Reportedly, this accident occurred on State Route 79 shortly before 5:30 p.m.

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