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November 2020 Archives

Fatal car accidents may result from careless driving

A man has sadly lost his life in a wrong-way motor vehicle collision in New York. Meanwhile, another person was seriously injured in the two-car collision. Sometimes, wrong-way car accidents happen due to a driver's negligence, which is grounds for civil litigation.

Wrongful death: Woman steps onto street, killed by cement truck

Most people know the importance of paying very close attention to their surroundings while walking on roads. However, even residents of large urban areas with years of experience sharing space with all kinds of motorized vehicles can be caught off guard and end up seriously injured or killed. Sadly, such was the case when a woman stepped off a curb in New York City and was hit and killed by a cement truck. Her family may now be suing for wrongful death.

Winter weather and premises liability

As New York residents usher in the holiday season, it may be wise to think ahead and use a little strategy to stay safe and organized. While certainly, people may be looking forward to special dinners, gathering with friends or family, or even watching a favorite movie, it is important to be aware of potential problems or dangers. During the winter months, there are often special circumstances, like bad weather, to plan for. If a person is injured, he or she may wonder if there is an appropriate cause to file a premises liability claim. 

Researchers aim to help victims of brain injury

New York residents are gearing up for the winter months. For people with sensory issues, like persons who have suffered a serious brain injury, things may be extra difficult. Victims who struggle with balance, a common problem following a brain injury, may have a particularly difficult time navigating in longer periods of darkness, slick surfaces, and even holiday lights and loud music. 

Wills: Begin estate planning early for peace of mind

Most New York residents recognize the importance of preparing end-of-life documents, but some may not know the steps they need to take to get started with estate planning. People who take the time to work through this process, including the preparation of wills, trusts and other legal documents, ensure that their loved ones will know how their affairs should be handled after their death. Following these steps earlier in life can ease a person's mind and make the process run smoothly.

Winter weather requires extra care to avoid car accidents

Regardless of how many winters drivers in upstate New York have navigated snow and ice-covered roads, extra care is necessary as each winter comes around. Complacency causes many car accidents, often with devastating consequences. Safety authorities recommend specific tips to avoid crashes in extreme weather conditions.

National initiative to reduce pedestrian vs. car accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration leads the National Pedestrian Safety Month during October. However, the New York Department of Transportation and other agencies are already collaborating on a commitment to improving pedestrian safety. Their focus is on Long Island and upstate New York, and the plan was initiated in 2016, with plans to continue it through 2021.

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