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Month: February 2022

Some hybrid minivans pose a serious fire risk

New York residents should feel safe in their own vehicles. However, some models of cars and larger vehicles end up being recalled. Currently, there have been warnings that certain minivans can pose serious fire risks. Which minivans are affected by this warning?...

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Essential documents for your estate planning

There are at least three documents to become familiar with when planning your estate in New York. Documentation is needed to ensure that your property and belongings are transferred to the right people after death. These documents make the work easier for you, your...

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Fatal car accidents increased in NY in 2021

New Yorkers did not have a good year in 2021 in terms of car accidents. There were more crashes that resulted in fatalities. It’s fair to wonder why this happened. What are the statistics for car accidents in New York in 2021? Throughout the first half of 2021, New...

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Can you give life insurance as a charitable gift?

A charitable gift life insurance is a life insurance policy with a charity registered as the beneficiary. The donor pays the premiums on the life insurance policy, intending for the proceeds to go to the chosen charitable organizations. Any charitable beneficiaries...

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