Wrongful death: Woman steps onto street, killed by cement truck

Wrongful death: Woman steps onto street, killed by cement truck

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2020 | Wrongful Death

Most people know the importance of paying very close attention to their surroundings while walking on roads. However, even residents of large urban areas with years of experience sharing space with all kinds of motorized vehicles can be caught off guard and end up seriously injured or killed. Sadly, such was the case when a woman stepped off a curb in New York City and was hit and killed by a cement truck. Her family may now be suing for wrongful death.

The horrific incident happened on a recent Monday morning. According to police, a 34-year-old woman stepped out from between two parked cars and onto a city street. A cement truck was traveling down the street at the time and struck her. Reportedly, she was killed instantly. A witness has said the truck appeared to be traveling at a high speed when the crash happened.

The victim, although originally from a different state, had lived and worked in New York City for about a decade, and her father has said she knew how to walk safely on city streets. Police are investigating the incident, including determining the speed of the truck. The father has indicated he will consider pursuing civil action if evidence indicates the truck was speeding.

Unfortunately, pedestrians traversing city streets are always putting themselves at some risk, no matter how careful they may be. Drivers can be unpredictable, and reckless and/or negligent behavior often leads to tragedy, especially when a vehicle is traveling well above the posted speed limit. In New York, as in all other states, victims of such incidents or their surviving family members have the right to pursue civil action, possibly including a wrongful death lawsuit. Attorneys who have experience with personal injury cases are available to discuss options.  

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