Wrongful death claims might follow 2-vehicle crash

Wrongful death claims might follow 2-vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Wrongful Death

Another deadly car accident occurred along the same road in New York state that also claimed the life of a man on Christmas Day. The latest wreck killed two people and sent three severely injured women to a hospital on a recent Friday. The crash investigation is ongoing, and officers noted that alcohol was not suspected of playing a role, but toxicology test results remain pending. Wrongful death claims may follow.

A preliminary accident report indicated that a westbound vehicle struck another car that was pulling out of a parking lot. The 35-year-old driver of that car and his 31-year-old passenger died at the crash scene. The other vehicle’s three occupants, all in their twenties, suffered severe injuries. They were taken to a medical center in Albany.

Reportedly, the conditions were dangerous due to the darkness and heavy rain, which limited visibility. Officers noted that the westbound car was likely speeding. Police say the road stretch where the collision happened is known for speeding because there are no traffic lights for over a mile to slow traffic down.

It is not entirely clear who was at fault. If the westbound driver was negligent, the surviving family members of the two people who died would have grounds to file wrongful death claims against her. However, if the other driver pulled out of the parking lot without yielding, a wrongful death claim might be filed against his estate. It is also possible that both drivers were negligent. The best thing to do would be to retain a New York attorney’s services with experience in pursuing financial relief on behalf of injured crash victims and surviving family members of those who lost their lives.