How to stay safe and avoid boating accidents this summer

How to stay safe and avoid boating accidents this summer

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Injuries

Summers in New York are often filled with plenty of fun trips to the water. If you enjoy boating, it’s important to stay safe and avoid these common injuries.

What can cause boating accidents?

Boating accidents can occur for many reasons. A person might be inexperienced operating a boat. However, even the most seasoned boat operators can get into accidents if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Just like driving a car, if someone who is operating a boat is distracted, they can lose control of the boat and have an accident. It’s also possible for a boating accident to happen because the boat is poorly maintained.

Boats must be operated according to the law. If a person steering one doesn’t abide by those laws and behaves recklessly or negligently, it can result in a serious boating accident.

Whatever the cause of a boating accident, it can leave people with personal injuries. Some of them might include traumatic brain injury, amputations, broken bones, soft tissue injuries and spinal cord injuries.

How to avoid boating accidents

Avoiding boating accidents isn’t difficult. One of the most crucial ways to avoid them and to avoid injuries like potential drowning is to wear a life jacket at all times. Your passengers should also wear them.

Know how to properly operate a boat. Taking a course is wise. Remain sober whenever you operate the boat to avoid getting into an accident and know the weather forecast ahead of time. Know the state’s boating laws.

Keep safety equipment on the boat at all times and make sure you and your passengers know how to use it. Always know what to do if an emergency suddenly strikes.

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