Premises liability claim might follow child’s 3-story fall

Premises liability claim might follow child’s 3-story fall

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Premises Liability

The fire department and codes department of an upstate New York city will work alongside the police department to determine the circumstances that led to a child’s fall from the balcony of an apartment. A premises liability lawsuit might follow. Reportedly, the incident occurred on a recent Saturday.

Firefighters and police officers in Utica responded to the apartment building after receiving a call about the fall. They arrived to find a 6-year-old child critically injured after falling from a balcony of an apartment on the third floor. Despite all the firefighters’ efforts to save the girl’s life, she died before they could transport her to a hospital.

The investigators will look at whether the safety precautions meet all the building code requirements. If the property owner failed to take the necessary steps to prevent such tragedies, the deceased child’s parents might have grounds to seek financial relief through the civil justice system of the state. Property owners must take care of their property to address all dangerous conditions that could cause injuries to an innocent person.

New York residents who have experienced similar tragedies might have questions about the viability of premises liability lawsuits to address financial and emotional damages. The sensible thing to do would be to consult with an attorney with experience in dealing with this complicated field of the law. The property owners might be held responsible for medical bills, end-of-life expenses and more. Having a skilled attorney to advocate for the plaintiffs and provide support and guidance along every step of the way can be invaluable.

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