Car accidents: The type of crash will determine the injury type

Car accidents: The type of crash will determine the injury type

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2020 | Car Accidents

According to an analysis of data collected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, head-on collisions cause more than half of all traffic fatalities. When it comes to injuries, rollover car accidents nationwide, including in New York, are the most dangerous type of crash. IIHS says the kind of accident usually determines the type of injuries that vehicle occupants will suffer.

Accidents are classified as head-on, rollover, side-impact or T-bone and rear-end accidents. However, they note that many rollovers occur as the result of side-impact or head-on collisions. Data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2004 show that rollover crashes involving passenger vehicles caused incapacitating injuries to about 12% of the occupants and less severe injuries to 46%. Furthermore, approximately 4% of the injured people were ejected as the vehicles rolled over.

Any accident can cause injuries, regardless of the traveling speed. However, injuries are often more severe in crashes that involved high rates of speed. Typical car accident injuries include whiplash, fractured bones, head trauma, spinal cord damage, herniated or bulging discs, contusions, strains and sprains. A significant percentage of crash injuries have delayed symptoms that might only become apparent days or even weeks after the accident.

Victims of car accidents are advised to go for medical evaluations even if they have no apparent injuries. Leaving hidden injuries untreated could result in long-term health problems. Crash victims in New York can retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney who can advocate for them throughout any civil claims in pursuit of damage recovery.