3 often-forgotten things that could be added to wills

3 often-forgotten things that could be added to wills

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Wills

Estate planning is something that many people in New York and elsewhere push to the back burner. However, even those who have their wills in place might have addressed property, money and children, but overlooked some things that could be included in their wills. Pet guardianship, digital assets and charitable contributions are all important concerns that can be addressed in a last will and testament.

Digital assets and internet sites in general are often overlooked when it comes to estate planning. Appointing a digital executor makes sense for anyone with assets that are accessed online. That individual could attend to distributing the assets in accordance with the terms of the will. He or she could also close social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as well as other online accounts. The digital typically attends to the distribution of digital assets and to closing all online accounts of the decedent.

Pet guardianship can provide peace of mind for a pet owner by providing a means for designating someone to care for the pet should the owner become incapacitated or pass away. Once dependents and pets are appropriately addressed, it might be possible to leave something to a favorite charity. It could be a school, religious organization, animal care center, or another nonprofit that has a place close to the testator’s heart. Some people choose to include a request to one of the beneficiaries in the will to make a charitable donation, and although such a request will not be binding, it could provide a tax benefit to the person donating.

Although much is said about the ease with which wills and other estate planning documents can be done online, each person’s assets and desires for distributing those assets are unique. The sensible way to make sure that property, money, children, pets and charities are dealt with precisely as the person wishes is to seek experienced legal counsel. A New York estate planning attorney can provide valuable advice and guidance regarding wills, trusts and more, and also assist with any necessary changes that are sure to be required as life goes on.

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