Who is the right estate executor for you?

Who is the right estate executor for you?

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2024 | Estate Planning

When you draft an estate plan, one step you have to take is to choose an estate executor or an estate administrator. Your estate plan itself provides instructions for your family. The estate executor is the person you’ve put in charge of going through the documentation and ensuring that your plan is followed.

How do you choose the right person for this role? Remember that not everyone will be able to do it. Here are a few areas to consider.

They need to be organized and reliable

First off, this is a complex process with a lot of paperwork. You need someone who is reliable, who is organized and who can pay attention to the small details. Mistakes made by an executor drastically increase the odds of a dispute, so you need someone who isn’t going to make avoidable errors.

They need to be willing

Additionally, you need to pick an estate administrator who’s willing to take this role. Some people think that it is just too overwhelming and complicated, with so many assets to consider. Others may be unwilling to make difficult decisions or sort out disputes with beneficiaries. Once you identify the person you want to choose, have a conversation with them to make sure they actually want the job.

They need to be available

Finally, you need someone who is actually going to be available to take on this role when it is necessary. They should live relatively close to you, and you may want to avoid picking someone who has a high-demand career – such as someone who is in the military and could be deployed when they need to perform their duties as the estate executor.

With careful planning in advance, you can draft an estate plan that works well for your family. Just be sure you know what steps to take.


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