Dangerous road rage in New York

Dangerous road rage in New York

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Car Accidents

A 2023 fender bender in New York resulted in a road rage incident that left one man dead. One man exited his vehicle and slashed the other driver’s tires. The other driver stepped on the gas and pinned the first driver against a building. The New York Post reports the pinned driver died from his injuries. When road rage is involved, a simple fender bender can become deadly.

Road rage explained

Road rage is when a driver displays violent anger behind the wheel. The behavior can include verbal abuse, rude gestures, yelling, reckless driving and physical violence. In addition to other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians can become victims of road rage.

Motor vehicle accidents involving guns and road rage are increasing in the United States. Everytown Research & Policy reports that in 2018, around 70 road rage shooting deaths occurred in the U.S. In 2022, the number of road rage shooting deaths reached 141. Also, in 2022, 413 people were injured in road rage incidents involving guns.

Causes of road rage

An angry driver becomes a threat when they endanger the lives of others. Just about anything can cause a driver to become angry. For example, bad traffic is often used as an excuse for road rage.

No one enjoys a traffic jam. A driver can get more aggravated the longer they sit. Most drivers can control themselves, but some lose control and direct their anger at others. A driver could also become violent if they perceive they’ve been disrespected.

Cutting a driver off, refusing to let them into your lane or hitting their car are all incidents that have caused road rage to erupt. In all these cases, the angry driver may need to retaliate against the other driver. Situations like these can turn deadly if someone has a weapon.

Road rage isn’t excusable. And a driver who displays this behavior endangers themselves and other people on the road. A driver could find themselves behind bars if their road rage causes injury or death to someone else.

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