A post-accident claim for lost wages

A post-accident claim for lost wages

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2023 | Car Accidents

The days and weeks following a car accident could be traumatic for victims. Persons hurt by a negligent driver may contend with injuries dramatically affecting their quality of life. Even injuries that heal relatively quickly could have detrimental results. Someone forced to miss work for six weeks may incur financial hardships that could take years to overcome. In such scenarios, the victim might seek to recover lost wages in a New York courtroom.

Lost wages after a car crash

From a legal standpoint, lost wages refer to income missed from the date of the accident to the final settlement or judgment. Awards for lost wages would be in addition to other provable losses, including medical expenses and property damage. A credible claim for lost wages must prove the injuries from the collision, not anything else, such as a previous slip-and-fall accident.

Lost wages may not be the only losses suffered. An accident victim might seek lost compensation and lost earnings capacity awards. Persons who lose bonuses or other perks may try to recover them with a civil claim. The same might be true for individuals who must change jobs or accept lower-paying tasks from accident-related injuries.

Civil claims after a vehicle collision

At the core of lost wages and other civil claims after motor vehicle accidents would be proof of negligence. A driver’s action or non-action must be negligent in some way for the civil claim to have merit. Negligence may range from committing moving violations to operating a poorly maintained, unsafe vehicle. If evidence points to negligence, the victim might recover their losses.

Of course, the victim must also provide evidence of losses. Someone claiming lost wages might need to provide pay stubs, 1099s, billing statements and other documents pointing to lost income.