Social media and car crash litigation

Social media and car crash litigation

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2023 | Car Accidents

Social media can be an effective way to share information, but people involved in legal cases should be cautious about what they post. Car accident victims in New York should be aware that their social media activity could potentially harm their case. Limiting or avoiding certain online activities may be wise to avoid damaging or complicating their situation.

Social media and vehicle collisions

When someone initiates a civil claim against another party, their comments could become evidence that works against them. In a civil suit, the plaintiff must prove the defendant was negligent. Admitting fault for the accident could hurt the plaintiff’s case. Someone may unintentionally make comments on a social media platform that could make them appear at fault. Even if these statements aren’t accurate, they could still harm a lawsuit.

There are other ways that social media comments, photos or videos could adversely impact civil litigation. If someone gets injured in a car accident, they may receive compensation. Medical expenses and care could be substantial. However, there are photographs of the injured person engaging in physical activity posted on social media. If so, the images may cast doubt on the severity of the injuries despite a qualified doctor’s diagnosis in the medical records.

Social media behavior curtailed

Taking a new approach to social media activity may be necessary after car accidents. Not posting about the situation or venting rage about the aftermath may prevent avoidable problems from undermining a lawsuit or insurance claim. The accident victim might benefit from extending such an approach to direct messages as well.

It may be beneficial to adjust the privacy settings on the social media accounts. Some individuals may temporarily halt their social media activity until after settling the case.

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