Defensive driving may reduce accidents

Defensive driving may reduce accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Car Accidents

Drivers commuting on New York streets and highways might experience near-miss accidents. Driving defensively might be a wise plan since there are intoxicated, reckless and distracted drivers on the roads. There could be upsides to being a more careful and responsible driver.

Defensive driving examined

Defensive driving is a catch-all term to describe greater awareness and a focus on safety while driving. Generally, defensive drivers keep an eye out for hazards. Water pooling in the streets after heavy rains, children running into the street and objects falling on the road are all things a driver must be alert for. Drivers need to pay attention to other commuters since they could commit moving violations.

A driver who drifts out of their lane could be under the influence or distracted. Reacting defensively to such a driver may keep an accident from occurring. In some instances, a defensive driver might not avoid the accident, but defensive driving-enhanced reaction time may keep the collision from being worse than if the driver reacted too late.

Enhancing defensive driving

Enrolling in a defensive driving course may help drivers boost their skills and reduce the potential for motor vehicle accidents. Even those with many years of driving experience could benefit from such classes. The time spent in class could cover other critical points, such as safety steps after a crash.

Defensive drivers might be less inclined to commit moving violations than reckless drivers. Drivers who do not adhere to traffic laws might face liability claims for any injuries they inflict because of a collision. Accidents can cause fatal injuries, a fact that points to the critical importance of being a safe driver.

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