Automobile accident-related femur fractures

Automobile accident-related femur fractures

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2023 | Car Accidents

Automobile accidents in New York can have a devastating effect by causing femur fractures. When an accident fractures the femur, it is likely to result in other injuries due to the substantial force required for such a fracture. Immediate hospital treatment will also be necessary.

High-impact femur fractures

Motor vehicle accidents commonly cause femur bone fractures, involving significant force and frequently result in damage to muscles, ligaments and blood vessels. If the impact is severe enough to cause the femur bone to protrude through the skin, there is an additional risk of infection.

Types of femur fractures

Fractures can occur along the shaft of the femur, while knee fractures specifically happen at the distal end of the femur, often due to car accidents. Hip fractures refer to fractures that affect the femoral neck of the femur, and they are more commonly observed in automobile accidents involving older vehicle occupants.

Femur fractures can involve complete or partial breaks and may result in bone splintering and crushing injuries.

Treating femur fractures

The treatment for a femur fracture depends on its location and severity. Conservative treatments such as crutches, casts and rest suit relatively minor fractures. However, more severe cases may require the implantation of screws and metal rods to strengthen the bone. Doctors will take additional measures to prevent infection if the bone protrudes through the skin. Following treatment, physical therapy and rehabilitation are typically necessary to regain strength and the ability to walk.

Experiencing a femur fracture in an automobile accident can have life-changing consequences. Fortunately, accident victims can seek financial compensation for their injuries.

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