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Cyclist runs red light, causing pedestrian to suffer brain injury

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Brain Injury

The New York Police Department reported that it is taking action against bicyclists who disregard red lights and ride against the flow of traffic. This followed an accident in an intersection that left a pedestrian with a severe brain injury. Reportedly, the incident happened in Midtown at about 1:30 p.m. on a recent Wednesday.

An accident report by NYPD indicates that a 67-year-old pedestrian left her place of work to get lunch when the bicycle struck her. Police say the cyclist was a 40-year-old food deliveryman who ran the red light. Both the cyclist and the pedestrian fell on impact. The pedestrian was rushed to a hospital for treatment of severe traumatic brain injuries.

According to many Midtown workers, this is a typical danger in the area because many bicyclists ride negligently, ignoring traffic rules. They are known to run red lights and ride against the traffic direction. NYPD says this bicyclist remained at the accident scene, and he was issued a summons that will likely involve a fine and community service.

However, that might not be the only consequences of the cyclist’s alleged negligence. The injured pedestrian is entitled to pursue financial relief through the New York civil justice system and hold the bicyclist responsible for her financial and emotional damages. She is free to obtain legal counsel to assist with filing a personal injury lawsuit to recover economic and noneconomic damages from the bicyclist who caused her brain injury. An experienced personal injury attorney can help with establishing negligence and presenting the documented claims to the court for adjudication.


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