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Traumatic brain injury consequences can be life changing

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2019 | Brain Injury

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says almost 2.8 million people nationwide, including New York, will be TBI victims during this year. Anyone can suffer a traumatic brain injury, whether it is while participating in sports or as the result of a slip-and-fall injury or car accident. The reality is that it could be a life-altering injury that might prevent the victim from returning to work, and long-term therapy might be par for the course.

Regardless of the victim’s age, the manners in which brain injuries affect people are unique to each case. The brain is a complex organ, and the area in which the damage occurs will determine the consequences. It could affect senses such as smell and taste, mobility, or even a person’s heart rate. Some victims of TBI have to relearn to speak, stand, walk, eat and more.

Along with the physical challenges after TBI, the cognitive problems can be severe — mainly because they are not visible. Victims can struggle to focus, concentrate and follow conversations, and they might experience personality changes such as mood swings, aggression or irritability. Dealing with all these changes might even lead to depression, and remembering the circumstances that caused the injuries might cause post-traumatic stress syndrome.

As if all the suffering brought about by a traumatic brain injury is not enough, the victim will also have to deal with the financial consequences. Ongoing medical care and therapy might be required, and in some cases, structural changes to living quarters might even be necessary to accommodate new disabilities. If all this resulted from another party’s negligence, the TBI victim might have grounds to pursue financial relief for past and future monetary and emotional damages. An experienced New York personal injury attorney can provide advocacy throughout the ensuing legal proceedings.


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