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Medical malpractice suit might follow teenager’s death

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

A New York family is struggling to deal with the tragic death of a teenager. The family indicated they intend to file a medical malpractice claim against the SUNY Downstate Medical Center. They claim the medical facility’s negligence led to the 15-year-old’s death.

Reportedly, the boy experienced chest pains, and he was hospitalized after it was noticed that there was blood present in the mucus when he coughed into a tissue. The family claims he was diagnosed with a muscle strain, and the blood was blamed on a dry throat — a problem that the hospital said could be resolved by using a humidifier. They say he was discharged from the hospital on the same day, and he was cleared to go back to school the following day.

However, his condition deteriorated, and he was rushed back to the hospital’s emergency room by ambulance when he awoke the next morning. Sadly, he was pronounced dead a short time later. The cause of his death is still under investigation by the medical examiner’s office.

Obtaining medical records from a hospital could be a challenging process for the loved ones of a deceased patient. For this reason, most people in New York who suspect negligence in the death of a loved one utilize the skills of an experienced medical malpractice attorney. A lawyer can obtain documentation and interviews that might help to build a strong case in pursuit of recovery of medical expenses, end-of-life costs and emotional damages like pain and suffering.


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