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Car accidents: Fender-bender becomes 3-car crash with injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Car Accidents

Police in New York recently transported four people to Clarkstown Police Headquarters and arranged for emergency services to take four others to medical facilities. This followed a one crash that ultimately became two car accidents on eastbound Route 59. According to a preliminary police report, the incidents occurred on a recent Monday.

A preliminary crash report indicates that a minor rear-end fender-bender occurred, causing two vehicles to be stationary in the right traffic lane. While they were stopped, a third eastbound driver approached in the right lane. That driver failed to slow down and smashed into the other two cars.

Reportedly, the driver and three passengers in that car fled the scene on foot but were soon apprehended by police. They were taken in for questioning. In the meantime, the impact of the second crash caused injuries to four occupants of the other two cars. Three of them were taken to one medical facility with injuries that were not considered life-threatening, while the fourth person was taken to another facility for treatment of a serious injury to his leg.

Victims of car accidents that resulted from the negligence of other parties are entitled to pursue financial relief. The New York civil justice system allows injured crash victims to file personal injury claims against those deemed responsible. However, establishing negligence can be challenging, and might be best left in the hands of an experienced personal injury attorney. A lawyer can provide the necessary support and guidance throughout in pursuit of recovery of financial losses such as medical expenses and lost wages along with emotional damages like pain and suffering.


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