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Pit bull attack leads to premises liability lawsuit

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2017 | Premises Liability

While many of the dogs New York homeowners keep do not pose any threat to others, certain dog breeds are known to be dangerous. Owners of those breeds are expected to take extra care to protect visitors to their homes from being bitten by their dogs. Unfortunately, this duty of care is often neglected, and a premises liability lawsuit that was recently filed in another state underscores this danger.

A woman filed the complaint against a homeowner, alleging she was attacked by his dog while she was an invited guest at his home. She contends that the owner of the pit bull — which is known as a dangerous breed — did not warn her of the danger, nor did he take any precautions by restraining the dog. She alleges that the dog attacked her without provocation.

Court documents indicate that the plaintiff suffered damaged muscles, cartilages, bones, ligaments and more. Furthermore, the injuries led to permanent scarring, as well as medical expenses and lost income. She seeks a monetary judgment.

Being attacked by a vicious dog is naturally a traumatic experience, and along with financial consequences, a victim will likely also suffer emotional damages. However, putting a dollar value on such damages is a challenging task, which might be best achieved by an experienced premises liability attorney. Any person who suffered an attack by a dog in New York may secure the services of a lawyer to navigate such a lawsuit on his or her behalf. An attorney can assist with the establishment of negligence on the part of the dog owner and help with preparing the documented claims that will be presented for adjudication by the court.

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