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Some New York car accidents are shrouded in mystery

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2017 | Car Accidents

When a motor vehicle collision occurs in New York, the exact cause is not always immediately apparent. In fact, some car accidents require lengthy police investigations before questions regarding who might be to blame can be answered. A recent incident occurred that has resulted in contrasting stories being told by police versus one young man’s mother.

What is known is that a car appears to have crashed into a stationary vehicle and a tree. It is also known that more than one person was in the car at the time. Another concrete detail is that a single fatality occurred as a result of the crash.

Beyond that, an intense mystery has arisen. Police say a man whom they believe was responsible for the accident fled the scene and is now wanted by authorities. That man’s mother has come forward, saying she believes (and has evidence to prove) her son is innocent and was not even driving the car at the time of the collision. The person who was fatally injured in the crash was also one of her sons.

The man’s mother says they plan to produce video that shows her surviving son was not behind the wheel then the accident took place. She claims he was also injured in the crash and was taken to a nearby hospital in an unconscious state. New York car accidents resulting in injuries often lead to lawsuits when particular parties are deemed to have been negligent. Since there are often time limits on when such claims can be filed, someone planning to do so may want to consult with an attorney to clarify regulations.

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