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Steering clear of car accidents caused by holiday road rage

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2016 | Car Accidents

Although one might think the holiday season is a time for extra kindness, good cheer and generosity, that is not always the reality of the situation. Especially when it come to navigating busy New York highways, drivers must be very cautious as there is typically an increase in car accidents during the holidays. Many of these collisions are caused in part by road rage.

Traffic, work and family commitments, shopping, meetings, social gatherings, and numerous other things that cause people stress can really intensify angry emotions while driving. One motorist cuts another off or makes an unsafe lane change and suddenly the road is filled with drivers who seem to forget there are even such things as safety and traffic regulations. Negligent and reckless holiday drivers are dangers to themselves and all who share the road.

There are certain red flags that can help drivers stay on the lookout for road rage in others. Some of the most common signs of active road rage include repetitive horn honking, tailgating and drivers flashing obscene gestures out their windows at other drivers. If excessive speed and sudden, erratic lane changes are thrown into the mix, it can be a real recipe for disaster.

The injuries suffered in serious New York car accidents caused by road rage are often severe. The financial expenses often associated with such incidents can put added strain on recovering victims’ holiday pocketbooks. When injuries have been caused by other drivers’ negligence, there is no reason victims should pay the price. To offset their costs, they can file personal injury claims in civil court to seek legal accountability against those deemed responsible for their suffering.

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