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Car accidents involving pedestrians increase at Halloween

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2016 | Car Accidents

The American Automobile Association recently issued a warning just prior to the Halloween holiday. Apparently, car accidents involving pedestrians increase in New York and elsewhere on Halloween night. This is the time when many people are out walking along roadways to celebrate the tradition of collecting candy door-to-door. Although this is meant to be a fun time for all, particularly children, when many motorists and pedestrians are present simultaneously, chances of a collision occurring are great.

Spokespersons for the AAA suggested that night-time pedestrians should always wear reflective clothing to make themselves more visible to motorists. Drivers are advised to act with extra caution behind the wheel when pedestrians are in their vicinities. Many times, drivers using safe driving techniques and pedestrians walking with awareness to their surroundings are enough to prevent collisions between motorists and those on foot.

However, all it takes is a single act of negligence for disaster to occur. Car accidents involving children are often particularly upsetting. Parents and legal guardians in New York and all other states are able to seek restitution for damages their children have suffered by filing personal injury claims on behalf of minor age victims.

Pedestrians injured in car accidents often require repeated medical visits and ongoing physical therapy or other assistance to attain full recovery. This type of professional care is usually quite expensive. A skilled and experienced personal injury attorney is often able to help injured victims obtain maximum compensation for damages they have suffered by seeking accountability against those deemed responsible for their injuries.

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