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New York car accidents: multi-car wreck causes several injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2016 | Car Accidents

Four people recently suffered injuries in a multi-vehicle crash in New York. The accident involved six automobiles. It took place in the early morning hours on a Thursday. These types of car accidents can easily occur if one motorist is careless behind the wheel.

The crash happened at about 6:30 a.m. along the Gowanus Expressway. Police reported that two semi-trucks and some cars crashed. The impact of the collision pushed one of the cars upright onto the car’s front fender.

One automobile was crushed so heavily that firefighters immediately assumed that the driver had died until the driver cried out for help. The Jaws of Life, metal cutters and hydraulic tools were used to extricate him from the automobile. He ended up suffering head trauma as well as other injuries and was taken to the hospital. In all, a total of four individuals were transported to the hospital, with one deemed to be in critical condition; two others were said to have minor injuries, and one refused to receive treatment.

An investigation by police may yield more information about what caused the multi-vehicle collision. If it is determined that one of the semi-truck drivers caused the crash, this driver may be held liable for the injuries of the critically hurt accident victim, and the driver’s employer might also be held financially responsible. Also, if one of the other car drivers is found to be responsible, the seriously injured crash victim may choose to file a personal injury claim against this allegedly at-fault motorist. In either case, pursuing damages associated with these types of car accidents requires competent proof of negligence to establish liability in a manner that satisfies the civil court in New York.

Source: CBS New York, “Jaws Of Life Used To Extricate Driver After Multi-Vehicle Crash On Gowanus Expressway In Brooklyn“, Jan. 7, 2016


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