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Tori Spelling files premises liability lawsuit

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2015 | Premises Liability

A slip-and-fall accident can cause serious injuries in a wide range of business settings, including restaurants in New York. One high-profile individual recently said she was a victim of this type of accident while she was at a hibachi restaurant in another state. Actress Tori Spelling claimed she was burned as a result of the slip-and-fall accident and has thus filed a premises liability suit against the hibachi restaurant chain.

Spelling said while she was dining at the restaurant one day, she ended up falling onto a grill there. This caused her to suffer a major burn to her right arm. She said she suffered third- and second-degree burns that required hospitalization as well as surgery.

Spelling, who claimed that her injuries were the result of the restaurant’s negligence, said her injuries were so serious that she needed skin grafts. In public, she has been photographed wearing bandages along with a protective cover on her arm. The actress said the accident caused her to lose wages and accrue medical and hospital expenses. She also claimed the loss of earning capacity as well as general damage.

As part of her premises liability suit, Spelling is seeking compensatory damages totaling over $25,000. A preponderance of the evidence is needed to establish liability in such a case, based upon a showing of negligence. Financial restitution from this type of case in New York might include monetary relief, which may enable the injured party to experience a sense of closure in the potentially life-changing situation.

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