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Injury on dangerous property may lead to premises liability claim

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2015 | Premises Liability

A visit to another person’s property in New York can end up leading to serious injuries in some cases. These injuries may be not only physically difficult but also financially challenging. Fortunately, a person who has suffered an injury on someone else’s property may be eligible to pursue compensation for his or her injuries through a premises liability claim.

In some situations in which people are injured on other people’s properties, the owners of the properties have not cared for them appropriately. This lack of care often creates hazardous conditions that can cause harm to innocent individuals. For example, sometimes ice and snow are not removed in a timely fashion, creating slip-and-fall hazards for pedestrians.

In other cases, hazards, such as debris and spills, are not properly marked or cleared. These types of hazards can also cause a person to slip and fall, resulting in injuries. Sometimes people are even injured because a property owner fails to provide adequate lighting or security, leaving visitors to the property open to dangers from third parties.

Property owners in New York have a duty to ensure that their properties are secure enough for other individuals to use. Even accidents that initially appear to be minor may end up leading to serious injuries that require extensive medical attention, as well as financial losses. For instance, a person may not be able to return to work for an extended period of time while he or she recovers from his or her injuries. Financial restitution from a premises liability lawsuit that is fought successfully, based on a showing of negligence, might include monetary relief, which can help a victim to move forward after a life-altering incident.


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