Property Liability

Property Liability

Property Liability Attorneys Representing Injury Victims in New York’s Southern Tier and Northern Pennsylvania

Many of us will be injured at some point while on someone else’s property. In some of these cases, property owners have not taken care of their property, thereby creating a dangerous condition on the property, which caused injury to an innocent person. Our firm handles premises/property liability claims arising from a wide range of situations, such as the following:

  • Spills, debris, and other hazards that are not properly identified and attended to by property owners
  • Failure to remove snow and ice in a timely manner
  • Failure to provide adequate security in areas such as walkways and parking lots

Even incidents that at first appear relatively minor can nonetheless result in serious injuries requiring extensive medical care and other financial losses. Because our premises/property liability attorneys approach every case with the expectation that it will go to trial, they position our clients to receive full compensation for their injuries, whether at trial or through a settlement.

If you have been injured because you have slipped, tripped, or fallen on another person’s property because of a dangerous condition, you may have the right to be compensated for your medical bills and injuries. If you have been seriously injured because of a dangerous condition on someone’s property, please contact us right away.

At Coughlin & Gerhart, people do not have to choose between hiring an experienced attorney and receiving personalized, compassionate attention — our clients receive both. Our attorneys have built a personal injury practice centered on obtaining results and taking the confusion out of the claims process. They understand that no one anticipates needing a personal injury lawyer, and are committed to serving as your experienced legal guide.

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Our firm offers a free, no-obligation consultation so we can discuss your injuries and legal options. Our contingency fee policy also means that we will accept attorney’s fees only if we successfully obtain compensation for you.

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