Construction & Work-Site Accidents

Construction & Work-Site Accidents

Construction & Work-Site Accident Attorneys Representing Injury Victims in New York’s Southern Tier and Northern Pennsylvania

For those of you who work construction, we do not have to remind you how dangerous it can be to work at a construction site. Accidents that occur on construction sites are often covered by special laws that provide enhanced benefits and legal rights to workers and visitors at construction sites.

The trial attorneys at Coughlin & Gerhart have unsurpassed experience in handling construction site accidents and explain how these special laws provide additional benefits to you.

What is often overlooked in these types of cases is the importance of retaining an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to assist you with your rights under the workers’ compensation law, and coordinate your case with the handling of your Labor Law claims. The trial lawyers at Coughlin & Gerhart have successfully handled both the workers’ compensation and construction site accident cases for our clients. You can be sure that we are always acting in your best interest when the trial lawyers of Coughlin & Gerhart handle both your workers’ compensation and Labor Law claims.

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