Oil & Gas Disputes

Oil & Gas Disputes

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When a landowner enters a lease with an oil or gas company allowing it to extract resources from the land, he or she does so with the expectation that the company will pay the full royalties it is obligated to under the terms of the lease. Many landowners, unfortunately, discover that they do not reap the financial benefits they expected to, and are left wondering what legal recourse they have.

Landowners who suspect malfeasance on the part of oil and gas companies need the counsel of experienced trial lawyers. At Coughlin & Gerhart, our Oil and Gas law practice is grounded in the belief that, above all, parties entering into leases deserve certainty in what they give and receive, and to know that the other side will uphold the terms of the lease. When one side fails in this expectation, our firm is ready to help our clients vindicate their rights.

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It has been documented that certain oil and gas companies routinely use sophisticated accounting mechanisms to reduce the royalties that they are required to pay to a landowner under the terms of a lease. These can include forming business entities that skim profits from the extraction of oil and gas, as well as charging excessive expenses to landowners themselves.

In any case where a company has resorted to illegal tactics, our firm stands ready to help our clients protect their interests. We aim to resolve disputes as quickly as possible in a client’s favor, but our clients rely on our trial experience to take a case to court whenever necessary to help them prevail.

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