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Bainbridge Office

L BainbridgeofficeCoughlin & Gerhart, LLP
29 North Main Street
Bainbridge, NY 13733

607-301-1351 (Phone)
607-967-5342  (Fax)


How to: Directions from New Google Maps:

  1. Click the “Travel Directions” link beneath your desired office.
  2. A Google Maps window will open.
  3. In that window, click on the blue “Directions” button.
  4. Enter your starting address or city in the top row, above the office address.
  5. Press “ENTER” on the keyboard or click the blue magnifying glass.
  6. Click the blue “List all steps” button.
  7. A list of directions will appear.
  8. For further assistance, call us at 607-821-2202, Toll Free: 800-646-3420.