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Car accidents may result in serious injuries

Multiple people suffered injuries in a recent New York crash involving five vehicles. At least one of the victims in this accident was critically injured. These types of car accidents may happen if one motorist on the road is driving carelessly, in which case he or she may legally be held accountable.

Death may result from car accidents involving pedestrians

One vehicle accident in New York recently led to the death of a pedestrian. In addition, three other people suffered injuries. These types of car accidents may happen because a driver failed to pay attention to the road, in which case this driver may be held financially responsible for deaths and injuries that occur as a result.

Car accidents involvinig DUI may lead to injuries, death

One woman's family is grieving following a vehicle crash that took her life in New York; multiple other people suffered injuries in the accident. The crash took place early in the morning on a recent Sunday and allegedly involved driving under the influence. When reported DUI car accidents end up killing an individual, the reportedly intoxicated driver may be held accountable not only through the criminal justice system but also the civil court system.

Car accidents may lead to injuries, deaths in New York

Three people lost their lives in a vehicle accident that recently took place in New York. Four other people were also hurt in the crash. Monetary compensation awarded in a related civil suit may not be able to restore the lives of those lost or undo the injuries suffered in these types of car accidents; however, it may help to provide closure in such a situation.

Car accidents may lead to traumatic injuries, death

One woman recently died and two other individuals suffered critical injuries following a crash in New York. The car accident involved two vehicles and took place on a recent Tuesday evening. These types of car accidents are often the result of the negligence of a driver on a road, such as the failure to abide by traffic laws.

Car accidents involving buses may lead to serious injuries

An injury accident involving a bus and car recently took place in New York. These types of car accidents can easily take place if one driver fails to pay attention to the road, such as driving while distracted, or driving too quickly for road conditions. The recent New York accident led to one injury.

Car accidents may stem from negligence, mechanical failure

Four men tragically lost their lives in a single-car accident in New York. The accident took place on a recent Wednesday morning. These types of fatal car accidents sometimes happen due to the negligence of the driver, in which case the driver may be held liable for the victims' deaths.

Car accidents may cause injuries or death in New York

An accident involving a single car recently led to one death and three injuries in New York. The accident happened on a Saturday morning. When injury- or death-causing car accidents take place because drivers are careless behind the wheel, this is grounds for a civil suit.

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